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Will my music files play in mono through the ANC-700?
Is there a way to use my Andrea headset to talk when I use Skype, but listen through my computer speakers?
What do I do if my device stops working?
My device is out of warranty. Can it be repaired?
I am using my ANC-700 with voice recognition equipment other than a PC. What are the power requirements?
Is there a foam replacement kit for my ANC-700?
How does the ANC-700 connect to my computer?
Can I use the ANC-700 with a Mac and Dragon Dictate?
Can I use my new ANC-700 with my old USB-SA External Digital Sound Card adapter?
My new laptop computer has only one audio port. Will my device still work?
Why is there a white dot located near the microphone?
Is there a way to DISABLE the “mute” button on this microphone?
Where can I find a user guide?
Do I need an installation disk, or do I need to download any software in order for my device to work?
Is the ANC-700 compatible with Windows 10?
For identification purposes, is "Andrea" imprinted on your headsets?





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